As I began to embark on this journey of freedom, God allowed me to see that I needed to be free from anxiety, fear, and worries about the future. He showed me that there were a few obstacles in particular that were contributing to the anxiety I was having, one of which I am going … Continue reading THE ISSUE WITH TIME


That’s Not How the Successful Do It

  This is the first time that I'm writing on my blog since the year has started (way to go Stephanie). If I'm being honest, I haven't been completely lax but I haven't been completely disciplined either. I started out the new year saying that I was determined to make this year one of my … Continue reading That’s Not How the Successful Do It

Why Am I Doing This?

(You can find the real reason here.) I started thinking to myself, why am I doing this? "Pushing content." Cause that's all that it is. That's all that this has resulted to. When you say it that way, it sounds as if I'm trying to sell something and to some degree I guess I am. When … Continue reading Why Am I Doing This?