Introversion is NOT Isolation


Before I found out about the word “introvert” I was labeling myself as “reserved” and “quiet.”

All of these words in one way or another speaks to some aspects of my personality, but they are not the sum total of who I am.

When you’re an introvert, that means that you primarily turn “inwards” or find satisfaction with your inner thought life. You find it enjoyable to spend a lot of time alone or in solitude. Nothing wrong with that.

It only becomes a problem when you use it as an excuse to stay by yourself. 


Pushing Beyond the Bare Minimum

Hope, Inspiration, Life

It’s something about living below who you are meant to be that is dissatisfying. Although, it’s enjoyable at first because that means that you get to experience the joys of comfort.

Comfort is not only feeling safe, but being safe. Comfort assures you that nothing will go wrong and that everything will be okay. But after a while you start to grow uncomfortable knowing that this is not who I’m meant to be.

The Feeling of Humiliation


One of the most horrible feelings one could experience in the human body.

At least for me that is anyway. Something I’ve always dreaded happening or having to endure. I’m sure that’s most of us, but then again, some people have the natural ability to shake it off or bounce right back.

I’m not one of those people.