Thoughts on Gifts and Purpose

Gifts and purpose are somehow always a topic of conversation no matter where you go and no matter who you are speaking with at the time. Purpose. We all wonder about purpose. Our purpose and why it is we were put here on this Earth. It's not uncommon. And some of us wrestle back and … Continue reading Thoughts on Gifts and Purpose


Becoming a Mrs.

Wow. It's been four whole months and a lot of things have changed. Not really, but one of the biggest changes is that I got engaged! That's kind of a big deal, right? And I've been planning away ever since. I'm really excited about this new journey in my life. The road to marriage, two … Continue reading Becoming a Mrs.

Writing About Blogging as Blog Development

About four months ago I officially started blogging. I've been learning lot about it and what it takes to develop a craft in general. You envision a goal. You imagine what it looks like to accomplish that goal. But when you embark on the journey, sometimes what you imagined and what you actually experience are two different things. We … Continue reading Writing About Blogging as Blog Development