As I began to embark on this journey of freedom, God allowed me to see that I needed to be free from anxiety, fear, and worries about the future. He showed me that there were a few obstacles in particular that were contributing to the anxiety I was having, one of which I am going … Continue reading THE ISSUE WITH TIME


Talk Like You Have Purpose

If you're anything like me, you dread the sight of seeing nametags. They only mean one thing: INTRODUCTIONS. The thought of giving introductions or telling other people about myself gives me a little bit of anxiety. I always struggle with what I'm going to say or what I should say and how it will measure … Continue reading Talk Like You Have Purpose

The Feeling of Humiliation

One of the most horrible feelings one could experience in the human body. At least for me that is anyway. Something I've always dreaded happening or having to endure. I'm sure that's most of us, but then again, some people have the natural ability to shake it off or bounce right back. I'm not one … Continue reading The Feeling of Humiliation

Blog Thought #5: “You Don’t Have Time to Dwell on That!”

Since I've started my new venture I've come to realize the importance of having positive thoughts. Well, actually I've known this was important for quite some time now, but never actually considered it when it came to accomplishing goals and dreams. Starting anything new is challenging. But what's even more challenging is dealing with your thoughts … Continue reading Blog Thought #5: “You Don’t Have Time to Dwell on That!”