Let's face it. A lot of us have become prisoners to the age factor (obstacle number two, the second source of my anxiety). Refer to: THE ISSUE WITH TIME  for obstacle number one. I used to have my whole life mapped out-- what I was going to do and accomplish by a certain age. None … Continue reading THE AGE FACTOR



As I began to embark on this journey of freedom, God allowed me to see that I needed to be free from anxiety, fear, and worries about the future. He showed me that there were a few obstacles in particular that were contributing to the anxiety I was having, one of which I am going … Continue reading THE ISSUE WITH TIME


  The other day I stopped mid-thought and asked God for peace.  As I began to look back on my life, I realize that my thoughts have been nothing but worry. I've always been consumed with fear and anxiety, even as a little girl. By little, I mean since I was an adolescent. I can … Continue reading IN PURSUIT OF PEACE

Talk Like You Have Purpose

If you're anything like me, you dread the sight of seeing nametags. They only mean one thing: INTRODUCTIONS. The thought of giving introductions or telling other people about myself gives me a little bit of anxiety. I always struggle with what I'm going to say or what I should say and how it will measure … Continue reading Talk Like You Have Purpose