Am I In Over My Head?

Sometimes I feel like I'm in way over my head. Trying to be a blogger, trying to instill hope into those just like me-- who are afraid to step out of comfort zones, to believe in themselves, to believe in their dreams. One goal at a time. I have this crazy idea that I can … Continue reading Am I In Over My Head?


Starting Over With God

I dated a guy once that lied to me about everything from his job to how many children he had. We were well into the first year of our relationship when I found out that he actually had two daughters instead of one (who actually turned out not to be his after all, but that's … Continue reading Starting Over With God

This Year at a Glance..

The beginning of this year started out  great. I was really motivated and determined that things were going to be different. I decided that I was going to step out on faith more ways than imaginable...and I did. I quit school, which initially began because of financial reasons. I had a tough decision to make. … Continue reading This Year at a Glance..

Closing Remarks: My First Daily Vlog One of the greatest fears I've faced this year  was putting myself out there. In my vlog I talk about what it means to have faith. I talk about being open and sharing life's moments that may not always be so peachy. It took a great amount of faith for me to step out … Continue reading Closing Remarks: My First Daily Vlog

We Walk By Faith, Not by Sight   When 2016 began, I knew everything ahead of me would require faith. But no one ever told me how hard it would be. When I decided to leave fear behind, I left "comfort" right along with it. And this certainly has been an uncomfortable journey. I decided that what matters to me is … Continue reading We Walk By Faith, Not by Sight