Thoughts on Gifts and Purpose

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Gifts and purpose are somehow always a topic of conversation no matter where you go and no matter who you are speaking with at the time.

Purpose. We all wonder about purpose. Our purpose and why it is we were put here on this Earth. It’s not uncommon. And some of us wrestle back and forth with the idea everyday asking ourselves, why am I here? what is it that I’m supposed to be doing? (myself included).


Why I Decided to Show Up For My Life

Faith, Inspiration, Life, Personal Growth

Have you ever been invited out and then decided not to show up?

Did you think about what the outcome would be as a result of your not being there?

Probably not, right? As the saying goes, “The party must go on…”

And if it’s still going on without you then what difference does it make if you aren’t there?

Stay Focused (Life Distractions)

Faith, Inspiration, Life

So many things in this world are fighting for our attention.

Every thought that pops into our minds we feel the need to gravitate towards it. The fact that information is readily available to us by way of our phones and the internet doesn’t make it any easier to avoid distractions.

If that isn’t enough, we’re often faced with something bigger called, “Life Distractions.”

Many of the things in our lives that often distract us from a greater purpose or sometimes fulfilling our purpose all together are the things that disturb our mental state or disrupt our peace.

Obstacles are those frightening things we see when we take our eyes off of the goal. -Henry Ford