Thoughts on Gifts and Purpose

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Gifts and purpose are somehow always a topic of conversation no matter where you go and no matter who you are speaking with at the time.

Purpose. We all wonder about purpose. Our purpose and why it is we were put here on this Earth. It’s not uncommon. And some of us wrestle back and forth with the idea everyday asking ourselves, why am I here? what is it that I’m supposed to be doing? (myself included).


Talk Like You Have Purpose

Encouragement, Faith, Life

If you’re anything like me, you dread the sight of seeing nametags. They only mean one thing: INTRODUCTIONS.

The thought of giving introductions or telling other people about myself gives me a little bit of anxiety.

I always struggle with what I’m going to say or what I should say and how it will measure in comparison to who others say that they are. 

Why Investing In Yourself is Actually a Form of Self-Care

Encouragement, Inspiration, Lifestyle

Generally, when we talk about self-care we mention things such as ridding ourselves of toxic relationships and situations. We talk about things that we can do to relieve stress or how to develop more time for ourselves. In some cases, we even refer to self-care as doing something enjoyable such as getting our nails done or going out to happy hour with a few friends.

Recognizing that something in your life just “isn’t right” and taking the necessary steps to fix it is surely an investment. Taking care of your outward appearance and knowing when to take a break is also an investment. But, while all of those things are great, that’s not the type of investing that I am referring to. The kind of “investing in yourself” that I am talking about is taking the time to hone your gifts and your talents