Such a befitting title for what I wrote about this week-- being free from anxiety. Coincidently, as I wrote about anxiety this week I experienced more of it-- or maybe I became more aware of how much anxiety I'm actually faced with on a daily basis. In particular, this week I became anxious about things … Continue reading SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A BREAK


Blog Thought #6: Evaluate Your Objective

  So, I kind of talked about this a little bit already in my last post entitled, "Why Am I Doing This?". Nonetheless, today I am going to speak more in depth on the subject of evaluating your objective. I'll start by asking a simple question: Why do you blog? (Or why do you take the … Continue reading Blog Thought #6: Evaluate Your Objective

Why Am I Doing This?

(You can find the real reason here.) I started thinking to myself, why am I doing this? "Pushing content." Cause that's all that it is. That's all that this has resulted to. When you say it that way, it sounds as if I'm trying to sell something and to some degree I guess I am. When … Continue reading Why Am I Doing This?

Blog Thought #5: “You Don’t Have Time to Dwell on That!”

Since I've started my new venture I've come to realize the importance of having positive thoughts. Well, actually I've known this was important for quite some time now, but never actually considered it when it came to accomplishing goals and dreams. Starting anything new is challenging. But what's even more challenging is dealing with your thoughts … Continue reading Blog Thought #5: “You Don’t Have Time to Dwell on That!”

A Peek Into My Journal…(Where ‘Bestie Talk’ is Headed)

I thank you all for following along with me and being a part of this journey. It really is appreciated more than you realize. But as some of you may know, I have bigger goals and bigger dreams for this blog and my channel. I sat down to journal the other day (I had 'Bestie … Continue reading A Peek Into My Journal…(Where ‘Bestie Talk’ is Headed)

Just a Quick Update

Hey Besties, (To all of my gentlemen followers, please don't take offense to that...we're buddies too!) I just wanted to give you all a quick update as to what is going on with the blog and what to expect from me over the next few weeks or so. I've had some time to think about … Continue reading Just a Quick Update