Such a befitting title for what I wrote about this week– being free from anxiety.

Coincidently, as I wrote about anxiety this week I experienced more of it– or maybe I became more aware of how much anxiety I’m actually faced with on a daily basis. In particular, this week I became anxious about things concerning my blog. More specifically, about meeting deadlines.

Since the second week of July, I’ve been writing on different ways that we can begin to experience freedom in our own lives. My goal was to write at least three times a week.

I became so worried about getting the blog posts out on time that it prevented me from being able to write at all. I would freeze up because I had so much anxiety about meeting an imaginary deadline.

The deadline was imaginary because nobody else knew that it existed but me. I never promised anyone that I would have a post up on a given day, nonetheless I still worried myself about meeting a goal that I had set for myself.

While, setting goals are great and pushing yourself to meet deadlines are a great habit to get into, sometimes it’s possible to overwhelm yourself with unnecessary expectations.

I had a talk with my husband who reminded me to take the pressure off. “People will wait for good content.”

What he said quickly registered with me. I know that I am personally willing to wait for something that is of good quality as opposed to something that is rushed and seems to be sloppily put together.

So, I took a little break (nothing major, just a few days off) to let my mind rest from all of the previous days and nights that I had stayed up working on blog posts that I wanted to put out.

In an effort to be successful in our endeavors and to ensure that our dreams become a reality, sometimes we just push and push and push until we burn ourselves out. We put so much pressure and anxiety on ourselves that sometimes it makes us not even want to continue doing what it is that we’re doing.

But that’s not the way to go. That’s not the way to lead to perseverance. Accomplishing our dreams and goals is not a hurried process. It’s a sometimes slow, but steady, stop and take a break kind of process.

Just the same as I needed a gentle reminder, I pray that this will be yours as well.

Take the pressure off. Free yourself from anxiety by removing the imaginary deadlines. People will wait for what you have.





  1. Thank You for this wonderful post. I agree. We are our own tyrants expecting ourselves to achieve greatness, reach that ultimate reward of feeling accomplished and on the ball.

    “dreams become a reality, sometimes we just push and push and push until we burn ourselves out. We put so much pressure and anxiety on ourselves that sometimes it makes us not even want to continue doing”

    That is also me. I have worked out a system where I periodically allow myself to freak out and break down to let those demons out so they can leave me alone.

    Not saying it always works has helped to make peace with the fact that anxiety will sometimes rear its ugly head and make me into a hot mess. So I made a deal to remain self aware and when it is too much, find that quiet alone spot and OUT!

    You are not alone. We all wish we could do more but being kind to myself and giving myself a break does help a lot.


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