A:With Independence Day being a little more than a week behind us, I thought it would be perfect to talk about freedom for the entire month of July actually. I wanted to discuss some different ways that we could begin to experience freedom in our own lives.

Particularly in regards to pursuing our passion, I wanted to first share a little bit of my own struggle and my own battle with trying to break free from myself.


A: Fight to Freedom is essentially about the battle that I had with my “other self” — the part of me that was fearful of doing anything different– the part of me that was fearful of stepping outside of my comfort zone–and the part of me that didn’t believe that I could actually be successful in the pursuit of my passion.


A: The Battle Withinis also about breaking free from ourselves. It’s about taking ownership and acknowledging the things that have had a damaging effect on our self-image. Being aware of the way that we view ourselves is the key to finding freedom in getting unstuck, so to speak. Often times, it is the negative image that we hold of ourselves that prevent us from reaching our next level. But, we have difficulty even realizing that our self-image is the problem because we are too busy blaming other people for the choices that we’ve made.


A: Whew! This is gonna be a long one…but it was definitely intentional and well thought out.

Theme: I wanted to play off of the whole theme of Independence Day and freedom and the fact that slavery was still in the mix of it all. I had become very familiar with seeing this particular scenery and it reminded me of a plantation (I’m very convinced that it used to be!). shack far awayshack and plantation homeold planatation home and shackshack and barn houseshack1plantation overvieworg_dsc02221

I wanted to create this new age idea of what it means to be enslaved and in bondage while making a parallel to the old slavery because I knew that these would be images that people would recognize. 

Attire: I wanted it to be very apparent that I was recreating images of old slavery, so I added a headwrap to the attire to attempt to achieve a similar look. Of course, slaves during that time would’ve never had anything visible linking back to where they came from, but I also wanted to be apparent that I was referencing Africa (hence, African slaves in America).

The Headwrap and Earrings: There was a message that I was attempting to convey with the African print and Africa earrings and that is, the “Origin.” There were people who were taken from where they originated from– out of their element, from their culture, and basically given a different identity or self-image. I was attempting to make the same parallel with this idea of new age slavery in the sense that our current self-image (the one that keeps us in a state of bondage) is not our origin as people of God. We were always a great people. We were always meant to flourish, but when things became impressed upon us we began to see ourselves in a different light. The image we held of ourselves became distorted.

Makeup: I didn’t want anything to be subtle. I wanted it to be bold and bright and I was aiming to create an element of beauty. Beauty in the Origin and God’s original intent for our lives and the beauty in freedom and restoring a healthy self-image.

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s topic and theme and I’m looking forward to next week… Come back and join me!


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