Why Investing In Yourself is Actually a Form of Self-Care

Generally, when we talk about self-care we mention things such as ridding ourselves of toxic relationships and situations. We talk about things that we can do to relieve stress or how to develop more time for ourselves. In some cases, we even refer to self-care as doing something enjoyable such as getting our nails done or going out to happy hour with a few friends.

Recognizing that something in your life just “isn’t right” and taking the necessary steps to fix it is surely an investment. Taking care of your outward appearance and knowing when to take a break is also an investment. But, while all of those things are great, that’s not the type of investing that I am referring to. The kind of “investing in yourself” that I am talking about is taking the time to hone your gifts and your talents

Many of us have gifts and talents that we rarely use. Some of us even have gifts that are laying dormant within us.

What happens though, when we deny that part of ourselves that truly shines?

It’s like being in a relationship and having to suppress a part of yourself that makes you special, just because the other person doesn’t like it. How miserable would you be?

Pretty miserable, right? Because you can’t express yourself the way that you want to. You can’t be the person that you were meant to be- the person that you’ve always been.

The truth of the matter is that we need to hone our gifts and talents because they are what make us unique. Our gifts are an outward expression of who we are and what we care about. So naturally, if you’re not taking the time to invest in them and to develop them, they will continue to be dormant and you will continue to be unhappy.

Or allow me to explain it this way.

We don’t like to put our talents on “display” if we aren’t confident in them. We don’t like to “show what we have” if we think that what we have is subpar. We know that we are good at something or that “something” that we enjoy, we could be great at it if we tried, but the constant fear of thinking that we are not keeps us from going forward in pursuit of it. Thus, our gifts and talents go unused or rarely used and we remain in a constant state of unfulfillment and unhappiness.

And just because something is a “gift” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work at it.

So, do yourself a favor, invest in yourself! Work at perfecting your gift. Work at honing your skills and talents. Work at them until you’re confident enough to go forth in them.

Doing what only you can do is something that will make you happy. Doing what only you can do is something that will bring you joy. Putting your spin on it, your uniqueness, your flare… is something that will attribute to your self-esteem and well-being.

Are you investing in yourself?








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