Here’s What You Would Do If You Really Loved Yourself


Sometimes I feel like the thought of loving oneself is just an abstract idea. Most people, when asked the question, will say that they do because it just seems silly to say otherwise. It’s me. Why wouldn’t I love myself?

But if you really did, there are three major things that you would do:

Search your soul. You know, the kind of soul searching that we do when we meet someone that we’re attracted to. We’re intrigued by the very presence and nature of who that person is. We want to know more about their life, about their interests, what they enjoy. We want to know about their dreams and ambitions. We want to know what makes them hurt and what makes them smile. And most importantly, we want to know what we can do to be a part of their lives– what we can do to form a relationship with them and how to keep it.

Now, imagine you showing that much interest in yourself. We assume that because we live with ourselves that we know all that there is to know about who we are. That’s simply not true. It takes a certain level of analyzation– a certain level of “digging” to truly get to know who a person is aside from who they tell you they are. When’s the last time that you’ve done some soul searching of your own?

Invest in yourself. To invest in something means that you literally take one thing that is of value and place it into something else that is equally as valuable or more. Our money, for example is very valuable to us because it is not readily available to us in most cases. We can’t just reach up and grab money from a tree or out of the sky. It doesn’t work that way. We usually have to labor or put a certain amount of time into a job or craft before we can receive a return on our investment. The return is our money and what we’ve invested to get the money is our labor, our time, our skill, our knowledge, etc.

If money is important to us and something that we value, why do we not invest it into something that is equally as valuable? You want to learn how to be better at a particular craft, but you spend money buying Starbucks coffee everyday. Where is the return? Besides the instant gratification of taste and caffeine? Instead, you could have used the money that you spent on the entire week at Starbucks, and bought or invested in a book that would teach you how to become better at your craft.

Consider what you think is valuable? How are you investing it?

Or, a more appropriate question would be, do you consider yourself as being valuable?  What investments have you made in yourself?

Find one thing that you consider to be valuable and invest it into yourself.

Not procrastinate. I’m not talking about procrastinating in general because we all have those tasks that we dread doing and would much rather put them off until later if they have to be done, like the dishes, the laundry, or washing the car. I’m talking about intentionally putting off things that have the potential to make a significant different in our lives. We have desires that bubble up inside of us. We get excited just thinking about the possibilities of being able to do something that we enjoy, but we shut them down within an instant. We suppress those desires, and even worse, we put them off as if they’ve never even crossed our minds. We push the ideas back until they are almost nonexistent. In some situations they have become nonexistent.

Why would we treat ourselves so harshly, so unkind? Are our dreams not worth getting to? Why should we remain in a constant state of, “I’ll get to it later,” when it comes to something that could potentially bring us joy?

The truth of the matter is that we shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to our dreams and ambitions. The truth of the matter is that they are worth exploring.

If you’re beaming on the inside at just the thought of the idea, then how much more will that ray of light show up on the outside and in your life when it’s brought to fruition?

But, you have to make a decision to get to it today and keep getting to it day after day.

It’s not good enough just to say that you love yourself. As with any relationship, you’d be required to prove your love. The one that you have with yourself isn’t any different.


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