31st Birthday Brunch

Today I wanted to share the details of the birthday brunch that I put together a few weeks ago. It was my very first time hosting and entertaining in our apartment ( in general too) and I absolutely loved it! Home entertaining is something that I’ve always wanted to get into and I finally got my chance. Here’s a little bit of how that went…


Whoa! It was a lot more difficult than what I imagined it would be. There were eight of us including myself. It may not seem like a lot of people at first, but when it’s your first time entertaining, that’s actually a lot of people that you have to accommodate. One of my biggest concerns was having enough food. I had no idea how much food I would actually need to feed eight adults, but I did my best. I tried to include foods that were both filling and that fit the theme as well so I made a sausage, egg, and cheese tater tot bake that came out a lot better than I expected ( the girls loved it), cinnamon rolls that I cut up and added to cupcake liners, French toast, peach cobbler pancakes, and chicken and waffles bites.



For the cocktails, I made a simple raspberry lemonade punch and an adult “chocolate milk” that was the talk of night. I felt that making a punch was the easiest way to serve cocktails for the evening without getting too fussy about drinks. For the “chocolate milk” I thought it would be a cute idea to actually serve in milk bottles. It was such a cute element to add to the party. The girls had a lot of fun with it and so did I.


Decorating was actually the easy part. I wanted something “floral-y” for the brunch–just because when I think of girls getting together for brunch it seems like there should be some type of flowers involved. I really love the idea of backdrops with garlands so I figured this would be a good time to try to make one. I knew that I wanted something similar to a blackboard (I was deadest on this idea actually). I tried to decide what would be the most cost effective to achieve this look and I came up with chalkboard paper. I added some gold decorative tape around the borders to give it a more exacting look or appearance of a real chalkboard–(a more fancier, girlier chalkboard that is). I wanted pink and black to be the colors so I looked up a few ideas on Pinterest and came across the Kate Spade color theme and that’s what I went with. Throwing that pop of color in with the black and white chevron table covering gave my backdrop the perfect look!




Preparing the food was by far the most difficult. I had intended to start cooking a lot earlier, but I wound up doing my shopping at the last minute because of a lot of other things that I had going on ( that was a mistake). I wound up having to have my sister and my cousin do some of the cooking for me. I’m so glad that they came over early to help me, otherwise the brunch would have been a complete, unorganized mess.

Chicken and waffle bites, cinnamon rolls, peach cobbler pancakes, sausage, egg & cheese tater tot bake, and French toast.


I had my cousin make the French toast, which was initially supposed to be lemon flavored. I wound up just sticking to the basics because I was pressed for time. She also cut up the waffles and added the chicken pieces to them ( I made the chicken at least).  I had my sister cut the cinnamon rolls up and add them to the cupcake liners. I did the rest of the cooking though. My friend Sam brought over some sparkling grape juice because I forgot to grab some while I was at the store.

It was rough at first. But all the food wound up turning out great!


Because this was a very small get together, I didn’t plan many activities. Actually, I didn’t plan any activities ( and that was on purpose). I just wanted a simple way to celebrate my birthday without adding in too many different elements. So I figured it would be enough just to eat, have a few drinks, and watch Girl’s Trip. I hadn’t seen it since it came out at the show so I decided to rent it. It gave me a lot of laughs the first time I saw it and I was certain it was going to have that same effect this time watching it with the girls, and it did. Of course there are a lot of scenes in the movie that are great conversation starters as well, so that was perfect.

Closing Thoughts

I had a blast putting the brunch together. It allowed me to use my creativity. I was able to try some things that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, like decorating, planning an event (albeit a small one), and hosting. It allowed me to gain some real experience. I learned the hard way that you really should prepare as much as you can in advance or the day before. I also learned what I’m capable of. I’m capable of putting together a fun, creative, and enjoyable gathering. And I cannot wait to do it again!




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