Why Am I Doing This?


(You can find the real reason here.)

I started thinking to myself, why am I doing this?

“Pushing content.”

Cause that’s all that it is. That’s all that this has resulted to. When you say it that way, it sounds as if I’m trying to sell something and to some degree I guess I am.

When I started my first blog I had a desire to simply express myself. Over time, that desire grew into something else. I began to gain interest in creating videos…for self-expression as well might I add. But I feel like this has turned into something different.

Pushing content. And I don’t like that.

I’m a writer. I’m not your pusher.

I know you never expected me to be. But I guess I just got caught up. In the whirlwind of trying to be a “successful” blogger.

My ambitions and my desires for Bestie Talk are still the same, but I’m done with “following the rules.” The rule that says, post frequently. The rule that says, make sure you let your viewers know your writing schedule so they’ll know when to come back. Ehhh. To hell with the “rules.” To hell with being a “successful” blogger.

I am a creator more than anything else. An artist (if I dare to even call myself that). And I will not be rushed.

I’m willing to let my craft be developed. A writer is who I really am. I love to write about the beauty (and sometimes difficulties of life). I love to create and share geniuine stories that reach the lives of others. So,


I’m not in a hurry–you are. Success, that is.

So I’m going to take my time and produce content that I’m proud of. Everything else can wait.


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