A Peek Into My Journal…(Where ‘Bestie Talk’ is Headed)

I thank you all for following along with me and being a part of this journey. It really is appreciated more than you realize. But as some of you may know, I have bigger goals and bigger dreams for this blog and my channel. I sat down to journal the other day (I had ‘Bestie Talk’ in mind) and this is what I wrote:

I realize that there is a part of myself that I’ve been wanting to share–one that’s been hidden for so long. The part that opens up in vulnerability, letting others into the thoughts that lie within me. What most people would hide due to embarrassment or shame or just for the sake of appearing one way before others, I want to share. 
We all have many goals that we’d like to reach and obtain in life, but sometimes the difficulty of accomplishing those goals seem impossible. 
Most people “share” when they’ve arrived but never let others in on what accomplishing their goals look like during the process. That’s the part that I want to share. 
Bestie talk is about accomplishing one’s goals and doing everything that one set out to do. But it’s also about sharing those “not so glamorous” moments with others. 


To add to that, I want ‘Bestie Talk’ to be a learning experience for both myself and others. I have in mind to do some “conversational” pieces with friends and family that I will include on my channel and blog along with some interviews of those who are accomplishing their goals and insights on their process and what it took for them to get to that place. I’m also thinking of doing a 2-3 minute “life” vlog series which will entail the personal struggles that I encounter (or have in the past) along with the things that I am doing to overcome them.

If you think any of this will be interesting, I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns (if there are any)…
Also, if you care to share, what are some goals that you have for your blog? What are you doing to achieve those goals?

Stephanie J.



4 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Journal…(Where ‘Bestie Talk’ is Headed)

  1. Just happened to come across this post and I believe this idea you have is amazing and will be a great way to track your process. You are totally right that nose people set goals then let us know when they have they reached them. We don’t really see the way in which they reach these goals and the challenge they face whilst trying to reach them. Look forward to future post! Check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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