How Body Image Effects Your Self-Esteem (Part 1)


Last week I mentioned that self-esteem is more of an internal issue than an external issue. Our self-esteem is, in short, how we feel about ourselves. One’s body image however, can play a significant role in how one feels about himself and often times at some point or another, we all deal with it in some form or fashion or have dealt with it in the past.

In this week’s video, “How Body Image Effects Your Self-esteem,” I share the struggles that I had with my self-esteem growing up. I was chunky and brown-skinned with short hair, which was contrary to what was”popular” back then. This effected my self-esteem more than you can imagine.

The ideals behind what was “popular” were ingrained within me. So, when I grew older I  often wondered why someone would be approaching me or why someone would want to date me as opposed to anyone else.

Do you see the problem with this?

The way that we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves often effect our decisions and our behaviors.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Next week, I’ll be sharing more of my personal struggle with self-esteem and how my body image effected me in high school.

Be boldShare your story.





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