Writing About Blogging as Blog Development

About four months ago I officially started blogging. I’ve been learning lot about it and what it takes to develop a craft in general. You envision a goal. You imagine what it looks like to accomplish that goal. But when you embark on the journey, sometimes what you imagined and what you actually experience are two different things. We tend to think that accomplishing our goals is a straight path, but we quickly find out that is not the case (well, at least I have). We run into all sorts of snags and bumps in the road that are all apart of the process.

Sometimes things don’t always flow in the order that we think they should flow or happen in the most “logical” order. When I first started out, I had no clue what I wanted to write about or the type of content that I wanted to include on my blog (and vlog channel). Now, my direction is a little bit clearer. In fact, it becomes more evident what’s important to me every time that I come up with a new video idea. You would think that one would start out knowing what to discuss and then follow through with that plan, but for me that wasn’t the case. I’m sort of “feeling” my way through.

One thing that is for certain though is that any new hobby, venture, or craft takes time to develop. That is a key word here. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines the word develop as: (a) To work out the possibilities of (b) To create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time. I like that. To work out the possibilities of…deliberate effort over time. Which means that everything is not going to be perfect starting out. I have to “work out the possibilities of” this whole thing through trial and error and experimentation. With “deliberate effort over time” I will eventually come to a place where my blog and the message that I want to deliver is developed.

Writing about one’s process is an integral part of development. It helps to create a “visual” of what is already done and what still needs to be done. Writing about the process helps one in his efforts to move forward.

With that being said, I would like to start writing about the process of starting a new venture and what I’m learning from that process as well. For example, every Monday I plan to write about something that I’ve learned/ I am learning along the way about stepping out and starting a new project. In this case, it is my blog and Youtube channel. Posts will include my thoughts and feelings about blogging/vlogging specifically, in addition to the thought process that comes along with starting a new venture (i.e, fear, lack of direction, hopes and ambitions, etc).

I would also like to officially announce that every Friday I will include a video and blog post dedicated to a specific topic of discussion for that particular month. For example, this month (June) I’m doing a video series entitled, “Learning How to Be Single.” Each week I post a different video pertaining to the subject of learning how to be single. The following month will focus on a different topic of discussion that will be posted on Friday.

As of now my blog schedule will consist of:

Monday: Blog Thought

Friday: Monthly Topic

I want to end this post by asking my subscribers to please be patient with me during this process as I am currently “working out the possibilities.”

Thanks for reading,

Stephanie J.


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