This Year at a Glance..

The beginning of this year started out  great. I was really motivated and determined that things were going to be different. I decided that I was going to step out on faith more ways than imaginable…and I did. I quit school, which initially began because of financial reasons. I had a tough decision to make. I had to decide if I was going to do everything possible to pay for school or if it was even worth the hassle at all. 

I started thinking about all of the reasons why I joined the program in the first place. The main reason was out of fear. Teaching in a school was a safety net– the safe choice. I didn’t think that I could possibly have a career doing something that I enjoyed. And besides I hadn’t gotten any experience in the field that I actually wanted to go into so, who was going to hire me? Nonetheless, I made the decision to drop out of the program to fully pursue the things that I loved doing. 

The crazy thing is that if I had never began the program in the first place I wouldn’t have known that I enjoyed teaching through videos and sharing my experiences. So I decided to start a Youtube channel. The idea scared the hell out of me because it was completely out of my comfort zone, but I felt like it was something that God was calling me to. I’m not so sure anymore though. Perhaps because it’s been very difficult and I’m not seeing great results. I tried not to expect much right away, but now it’s beginning to bother me somewhat. It’s only been about four months, but I am starting to wonder if I made the right decision. I don’t regret it, but I’m wondering if I should continue. I can’t help but think, what’s the use?
But I certainly don’t want to go back to that safe, comfortable zone. I can’t stay there. I want to do something different. I guess I just don’t feel really inspired to do it anymore…perhaps because the results are not coming right away. 
This whole process has taught me something:

1. Everything is not going to be easy. I’m sure we would all like to see immediate results on any project or task that we want to accomplish, but that’s not always how things work. The truth is, you have to put in a lot of time. Learn what works and what does not, experiment. Trial and error is a huge part of any new project. But what is the alternative? To quit, to give up? To go back to the same old thing that you’ve been doing? Which was either nothing at all or something that wasn’t as exciting. 


2. Persistence is needed. In order to perfect any craft or hobby, you have to stick with it long enough to see things get better. As with anything that is new to a person, it’s not going to be perfect. But the feelings of discomfort make us want to draw back and return to that safe place. We cringe at the thought and sight of our work at times knowing where we want to be and seeing where we are now; it can be very discouraging. But when I think about successful people, I’m almost certain that they went through this stage as well. They pressed passed all of the uncomfortable feelings and stuck with it long enough to see positive results. I think this is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Don’t give up.

3. Rework/ revamp. When we start out, we have a vision in our minds of how we want things to be or how we think they should go. Sooner or later though, we discover that our initial thoughts and plans aren’t working. But that’s okay. In the beginning process, (as I stated before) things are not going to be perfect. This will require us to keep revamping and revising…it’s just apart of the process. 

4. What’s for you is for you. You don’t have to worry about what the next person is doing or how far along the other person is from you. You certainly don’t have to or need to compare your work to the next person’s work. You’re unique in your own way. If you stay true to yourself and do what’s in your heart, the people that are meant to flock to you, will. No one can say it just how you say it. No one can do it just how you do it. Your unique experiences are your own. Be confident in that. 

5. Give yourself credit. We like to beat up on ourselves about what is not going right, but how often do we commend ourselves for what we have already accomplished. If you’ve taken a step out there to do something different to try something new, pat yourself on the back for doing so. It took courage, it took faith. Look at everything you’ve done to get to where you are now. Consider it an accomplishment. Don’t diminish what you’ve done or consider it to be small or insignificant. You worked hard. Be proud of that. 





3 thoughts on “This Year at a Glance..

  1. I love the dog, is he without a tail? Anyway, nice writing…it reminds me of a character in my book called Victoria. You can see this character because Victoria is written on the title in my blog, there is about 7 writings on the character Victoria.


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