Learning How to Be Single


I’m convinced that a lot of people do not know how to be single and quite honestly do not see the benefits of being single. It’s almost as if they go into a deep convulsion the minute that they get out of a relationship…and then, on to the next one. That can’t be healthy. In fact, I’m almost certain that it’s not.

I first learned how to be single during my college years. That is where my first “real” relationship “got real” and ended…bad. But out of it came the beauty of learning to be single, learning to love myself, and enjoy my own company.

For those of you thinking that you could never be happy by yourself, I assure you that this is not the case.

I will be starting a video series on, “How to Be Single.” I will share some of my own experiences with you all and even some of the details of my horrible breakup and how I got past it.

To find out more about what’s to come, take a look at my video introduction on, “How to Be Single” (if you have not already.)






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