The Freshman Fifteen

This concludes the end of my college series (starter pack) videos and blog posts. The freshman fifteen…an oh so important topic as it pertains to college life.

Why did I think this topic was important?

Well, essentially because this is the beginning of our adult lives. We start forming a lot of habits (some of them bad) that ultimately stick with us and the way that we eat is one of them.

College life, in some aspects bring about a carefree way of living. We stay out all night partying, we stay up all night studying, and we eat a lot of terrible foods in the process of it all. Being stressed about school and meeting deadlines becomes the norm to us and we deal with it by eating a lot of “comfort” foods or otherwise just being plain old careless about the foods that we eat.

Before you know it, we’re busting out of our clothes and trying so desperately to get our old high school bodies back. Unfortunately, some of us never seem to be able to bounce back from it (no pun intended).

We continue down this road carrying our bad habits with us well into our adult lives.

I’m not trying to scare you at all. It’s more like a precaution. To be cognizant of the habits that you are forming (especially you’re eating habits).


“It’s easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” -Benjamin Franklin

To hear more of my thoughts about the freshman fifteen, watch this week’s video:


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