Toxic Relationships (College Edition)

When we walk about something being “toxic,” in essence we mean something that is harmful to us and ultimately something that is not good for us.

Relationships can sometimes have that effect. As much as we would like to have people in our lives and to make things “work,” we have to face the fact that sometimes those relationships will not work out– they are just not meant to be.

For a lot of us, the true test of our relationship comes when we experience success or achieve an accomplishment and the other person does not. The beloved whom we thought would be happy for us is everything but happy and will even go as far as trying to sabotage us. They see our success and secretly envy us. They wish they could be doing all of the things that we are doing and in turn, are very jealous of us because they are not. Instead, they try to break us down.

We stop momentarily and think to ourselves, this couldn’t be.

We cannot believe that the one whom we love is our enemy. But we do everything in our power to stay and try to make the relationship better, until finally we have given all that we could give. And the one whom we thought “loved” us, we realize didn’t love us at all.

Watch this week’s video on Toxic Relationships



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