How to Pamper Yourself Without Spending Much Money

It always makes me feel good when I set aside time to pamper myself. While some people like to go to the salon or nail shop, I like pampering myself right at home! It saves me money and I look just as good afterwards (yes, I'm tooting my own horn). It's a great accomplishment to … Continue reading How to Pamper Yourself Without Spending Much Money


The Freshman Fifteen

This concludes the end of my college series (starter pack) videos and blog posts. The freshman oh so important topic as it pertains to college life. Why did I think this topic was important? Well, essentially because this is the beginning of our adult lives. We start forming a lot of habits (some of … Continue reading The Freshman Fifteen

Toxic Relationships (College Edition)

When we walk about something being "toxic," in essence we mean something that is harmful to us and ultimately something that is not good for us. Relationships can sometimes have that effect. As much as we would like to have people in our lives and to make things "work," we have to face the fact … Continue reading Toxic Relationships (College Edition)

Closing Remarks: My First Daily Vlog One of the greatest fears I've faced this year  was putting myself out there. In my vlog I talk about what it means to have faith. I talk about being open and sharing life's moments that may not always be so peachy. It took a great amount of faith for me to step out … Continue reading Closing Remarks: My First Daily Vlog

We Walk By Faith, Not by Sight   When 2016 began, I knew everything ahead of me would require faith. But no one ever told me how hard it would be. When I decided to leave fear behind, I left "comfort" right along with it. And this certainly has been an uncomfortable journey. I decided that what matters to me is … Continue reading We Walk By Faith, Not by Sight