Investing in Yourself

Have you been keeping up with your new year resolutions?

It’s understandable for us to want to start out the new year with a clean slate. We see the new year as our ooportunity for change– to do something different– to do something new– to do something that we’ve never done before.

Unfortunately, most of us start out on fire with the new goals that we want to accomplish, but shortly fizzle out before half the year is even over with.

What’s important to remember however, is why we began in the first place.

If our reasons for wanting to accomplish a goal are superficial and shallow and we’re striving to reach those goals to prove something to other people rather than ourselves, we will more than likely not succeed at achieving those goals. But when we set realistic goals that will actually benefit us, we will not only feel better about working towards those goals, but we will also be more likely to accomplish them.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: “Are the goals that I set for myself this year for me or someone else? If the answer is, “for someone else,” I want to encourage you to reevaluate those goals and set some that will actually benefit you.

Sure, we all want to make those people that doubted us feel the pain or make them regret that they ever said what they said about us or did what they did to us, but is it really worth it? Forget about what they said. Forget about what they did.

Take some time to set some goals that will actually be an investment for you. It’s worth it to invest in yourself– to do things that will make you better as a person, you owe it to yourself.

See how I’ve been keeping up with my goals and new year resolutions this year:



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