My 5 Major Goals for 2016


Believe in myself.  Believe in yourself? you might be thinking. This sounds like a strange goal to have, I know. But yes, I want to believe in myself this year. I finally came to the realization that I’m full of doubt about my God-given talents and abilities. I’m constantly burdened with the idea that I’m not good enough or that I may fail, but not any more. This year, I’m adopting a new mindset. One that says, Believe in yourself. You’re talented, you’re capable–you’re more than enough! I’m changing the image that I have of myself one day at a time.

Pray more. “…aside from [Him] I can do nothing.” So this year I’m becoming totally dependent upon God through steadfast prayer and diligence. Leaning to Him and not my own understanding will require much prayer.

Read more. You can find practically anything that you’re looking for if you just pick up a book! Furthermore, it doesn’t even have to be a book. The internet alone has an ample amount of resources that is readily available at your fingertips. But, I do plan to read more books. If you want to learn more about a craft, read about it! It’s that simple. So I’ll be picking up tons of books this year!

Be productive. It’s not that I haven’t been productive at all, I just have not been productive about the right things. And when you’re focused on things that you aren’t really passionate about, quite frankly, it’s a waste of time, which brings me to my final major goal for 2016…

Go after what I really want. This will be a challenge. I think I know what I want, but I’m afraid to admit what I really want for the fear that I cannot have that which I desire– and that is, to write. The burden of writing has been with me forever, for as long as I can remember. But I never thought it possible for me to make a career out of doing something that I love. The “buck” however, stops here. This year, I’m going after what I really want!


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